Telas Lúa´s successful and solid history started more than 80 years ago as textile distributors in Mexico. We are a company dedicated to the development, import and sale of textiles in Mexico. This is the reason why, we are constantly looking for the new trends worldwide by traveling, relationships and the purchase of information from the top cool hunting companies, to offer our clients the newest collections.

In a textile manufacturing center the inventory might be strong in some specific textiles, that shows a big difference to us, our catalog has a rich and varied inventory with international up-to-date styles and trends, which makes us competitive in comparison to a manufacturer. Working equally hard on Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter, translating international trends for our target market.

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We have our distribution center in Guadalajara

Jalisco, giving service and supplying the key states dedicated to the production and manufacture
of clothing, such as Jalisco, Guanajuato, Mexico City, DF, Nuevo Leon, with coverage on the rest of the national territory.


In Telas Lúa, we have more than 80 years of experience as Fabric suppliers in Mexico, and now offering an online fabric catalog, where you will be able to discover our store of imported and national fabrics available for you each season.

In this section you will find all promotions and seasonal
sales that Telas Lúa, has for you, our client.

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